Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The creator of Box2D, the physics engine used by Angry Birds, asks for a credit at a GDC Q&A session

Hopefully they chipped him some cash too...

Via TechCrunch:

The Q&A went something like this:

  Erin: "Hi Peter, could you tell me which physics engine Angy Birds uses?"
  Peter: "Box2D"
  Erin: "Great. Would you consider giving credit to Box2D in your game?"
  Peter: "Yes, of course"
  Erin: "Thank you! By the way, I am Erin Catto the creator of Box2D"
  Peter: "Great! I would like to talk to you after the session"

So I really tried to ask this in the nicest way possible and Peter was very friendly. Angry Birds is a great game and I have a lot of respect for Rovio.

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