Friday, April 8, 2011

what's new in minecraft (for the non-minecrafter)

0. beds (1.3 update, a while ago)

beds are great because if you just feel like building something it's pretty hard in the dark and also there are monsters. you can go to bed and wake up in the morning and skip the long wait for sunrise.

1. wolves (1.4 update, just recently)

if you find a wolf you can give him some pork he will become tame and follow you around. he will help you fight monsters. he can die though. his health is indicated by the height of his tail. so you have to give him food to heal him. actually i haven't seen one yet. (not played much for a while).

2. pistons (some future update)

some guy wrote a piston mod. pistons are machines that can move blocks around. minecraft engineers went nuts for them and starting building things like flood-gates, self-healing bridges, auto-reloading cannons. jeb said he would consider incorporating it if the mod author would share his code which he did. (in the wheat harvester video, notice how hard it was to design a working flood gate? this will become trivial with pistons). here is the self-healing bridge:

3. things in 1.5 update (out soon)

rain & snow. saplings will now grow into the tree they came from (used to be the same tree which was lame)

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