Sunday, August 14, 2011

motorcycle maintenance a boss

from left to right: my good pliers, knee, improvised circlip tool fashioned from a hair pin, little pointy nosed pliers used in conjunction with the above, circlip assortment (imperial sizes - bike is metric of course, $6.99, supercheap auto, wilston), useless circlip pliers (their points are too big to fit the holes, $12.99, supercheap). not shown, iphone4 with itorch app used as workshop light.

installed circlip

This is how it looks on a much cleaner bike...

so the gear lever fell off on alice street. i went to change into second and my foot hit nothing but air. that was quite a surprise! luckily it wasn't hard to pull off the road onto the footpath near the top entrance to QUT and the botanic gardens where i could slip the lever back on. i rode home carefully, making sure it didn't slide off again. it might have been a little trickier if i'd gone another 50m. i would have been on the riverside motorway, unable to change gears, and with nowhere to pull over, at least until the other side of the river.

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