Thursday, February 23, 2012

new bike

(now with sensible mirrors)

The guy i bought it off had done the following customisations:

* useless tiny bar end mirrors
* useless tiny brake & clutch levers
* (not entirely useless) lowered handle bars
* leather-look tank cover
* expensive noisy performance exhausts

The handle bar, levers and mirrors are off. Not sure about the tank cover, what do you think? (I'm keeping the exhausts).

Want details? Well, anyway... 2008 model Yamaha FZ6-N, 26000 km, $6200.

And now, a look back...

Ps, here's one more bad thing about living in a regional city, (eg Townsville): Finding and buying good second-hand things like guitars, guitar amps, motorcycles, etc is so much harder.

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