Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I watched a Blur documentary on iView. Some notes:
  • Graham is moody bastard and super whiny.
  • Alex was/is very good looking.
  • Beetlebum[1] is one of my favourite songs. The chord changes between the verse and chorus in that song are perfection.
  • It's about heroin (supporting the hypothesis that most good songs are about heroin[2]).
  • During the height of the Blur v Oasis hype, someone (possibly Damon) moved the release date of Country House to coincide with Oasis's release of Roll With It, which it then beat to number one.
  • According to Damon everyone hated him after that. Whenever he entered a shop there would be muffled giggling and then an Oasis song would start.
  • Alex wrote a book about the band where he said he considered Graham his best friend. Graham read the book and was like "what, really??".
  • Graham generally thought Damon was a soul-less and career minded and was surprised by the emotion expressed in the songs about his difficult breakup with Justine from Elastica.
  • When they reformed and played Glastonbury the crowd singing along to Tender was pretty awesome[3].


[2] See also (The Las)

[3] (especially at the end)

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