Friday, December 17, 2010

boyfriend fail: an sms conversation #eastenders

gf: Quick quiz. Who is my fab east enders character of all time?

me: hmm

me: Dot?

me: :)

gf: Nope! Fail! It's over!!!

me: Wait. Decongest try

me: Second try [ed: damn you autocorrect]

me: Phil?

me: No wait.. I know..

gf: So sad... I can't believe YOU don't know. :(

me: For hotness, Sean?

me: ???

me: Otherwise I give up... Who?

gf: Nope... But I did say all time... Oh well I bragged that you would know. :( bit wrong I guess... X s

me: Mine: Zoe

me: Kat?

me: Oh I got it... Alfie :)
gf: Finally! [Simultaneously, meaning Kat...]

me: I dunno u had a few faves...

me: U sure it's not dot or alfie? :)

gf: Hmmmmm

me: lol

me: xx

gf: Xxxxxxx

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