Thursday, December 16, 2010

proposed standard for describing the size of hail stones

(feeling deja vu-ish, did i already post this once before? in that case, revised standard...)

0-10mm : It's just normal hail, call it just hail, duh
10mm - 20mm : Grape sized hail
20mm - 40mm : Golf ball sized hail
40mm - 60mm : Tennis ball sized hail
50mm - 70mm : Cricket ball sized hail (cricket balls are hard so this probably my favourite)
60mm - 100mm : Grapefruit? Softball?
100mm - 150mm : Rock melon
150mm - 250mm : Soccer ball
200mm+ Watermelon (watermelon's come in a range of sizes so this is a good one)
300mm+ Beach ball

look here to see some scary hail hitting brisbane yesterday (

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