Thursday, November 24, 2011

new world (minecraft 1.0)

1. my first ravine. it's pretty much right under my first base. spectacular view! i am building a viewing platform and some safe walkways in and out.

2. the ravine also has this very rare and wonderful two tone waterfall

3. my first map. (this made me very happy).

not pictured: sheep island (it was so beautiful).

I haven't played a whole lot since 1.6-ish. there are many little subtle wonderful changes i'm noticing. my home currently is a little peaceful valley completely surrounded by mountains. also great: oceans, running, hunger, the new bow. i have no idea what potions and enchanting tables are for. in summary, :D :D :D

also it was my first time using teamspeak, which is pretty cool. i'm still getting the hang of press-to-talk.

ps, here is freman talking about our new world. he seems sad! cheer up freman!

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