Thursday, November 10, 2011

yesterday wasn't a great day

spent all day in bed with a fever, sore throat, nasty behind-the-eyes headache and that all over body-ache where it feels like your bones hurt. dreamed non-sensical half-awake anxiety dreams, interrupted only when i woke, either sweating or cold, and stumbled out to down two more panadols and some juice. then, from about eight pm, i couldn't sleep and read high fidelity and played plants vs zombies until three. got up to the part where you're on the roof, (so cool), and the part where he acts like a bit of a dick. (joke, since that's the whole book, pretty much). but anyway it's okay and a nice change from the fantasy stuff i've been taking forever to slog through. pretty much this whole time i'd left the gas burner going, just on low so it's hard to notice when stumbling feverishly around the apartment. it's burned the black off the edge of the little hockey puck thing which is now copper coloured. this morning felt better and went to work.

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