Thursday, November 10, 2011


had a free burger at grill'd because movember. bumped into crofty and chris L from ITR on way to QSO thing. i will tell you about that: so QSO (orchestra) is moving into the new ABC building under construction now behind the wheel at southbank. (they currently live in the old ABC building in west end somewhere). the deal they negotiated was $12 million for a 40 year lease. now the federal government gave them $8m, the state government gave them $2m, corporate sponsors and other benefactors gave $2m, the state government gave another $0.5m. BUT, they need to install state-of-the-art acoustic seats and floors, performance quality lighting, etc, etc. so if you could donate some money they would be grateful. they are aiming for another $1.5m to cover that stuff. first world problem, right? on the other hand, tonight i heard the finale of beethoven's 9th with a full choir. (it's the one you get when you win at peggle...)

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