Wednesday, July 27, 2011

my temporary meeting room office

i generously donated my cubicle to a new guy until the upstairs
renovations are complete.

mustn't grumble... ;)

do you think I could take a nap in here?

Monday, July 11, 2011

tasmanian possum

not kidding. delicious.

murphy's law in action

of course he went past in that ten minute period when were crossing
the road to make sure we didn't miss him. we cheered for strangers for
a few hours anyhow.

gold coast

(last weekend)

there were speeches

the caterers were EXACTLY like an episode of party down. which I
enjoyed immensely. (I really like that show)

4th row at cosi fan tutti

mozart. it's the sold out opening night. they had a real harpsichord. lml


(this is at ferny grove where I am chicken-, cat- and house-sitting,
also egg collecting)

this christian bale looking guy had a fine weapon

and his sword was pretty nice too, am i right ladies? [stage wink]

have you ever seen a more beautiful creature?

gypsy cob

update: cob not cobb

hurdy gurdy durdy


angry bird?



eagle at work

aristocrat greyhound

eagle taking a break

Sunday, July 10, 2011

you know that that thing where...

you're walking home after hooking into the free champagne at the after-the-opera velvet rope and speeches do and you go into a pub because the band sounds really good and by the time you ordered a pint they've finished that song and it's the end of their set and they're on a 30+ minute break and it's all 'oh what a night' and 'can't touch this' and 'love shack' and 'material girl' and you're like ... gah! ...??


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

how to perplex world wildlife fund street spruikers

spruiker: "Hi! Do you like animals?"

our hero: "No. I really don't like them at all."

s: "Um..."

h: "Can't stand them, in fact. Do you?"

s: "I, er... yes."

h: "I do like insects though. I really like them. Are you doing something to help insects?"

s: "...Insects? Did you say insects? Um..."

h: "Bye now."

s: "..."

once, in townsville,

we met a busker. he was an english backpacker, travelling around, and he only played billy bragg songs. he knew most of the good ones and did some requests for us. he said most people didn't know the songs, but they were so good he usually did pretty well. amazing, huh? i can't remember if we gave him a lot of money but i hope we did. this was back when the internet hadn't been invented yet.
(sorry about the no-embed)