Thursday, October 18, 2012

4.69 km, 29:53

Ross Manning | National New Media Art Award 2012

morning jog (10 minutes)

felt longer...

spectra III by ross manning

i don't have a picture but the artist is ross manning. maybe it was my perfect hangover or the fact that i had so many wonderful highlights already from sculpture is everything downstairs but it was one of the most incredible art experiences i've ever, er, experienced. i'll try not to spoil it, but i saw the "less obvious" part some time after the "more obvious" part. i was already flipping out about the obvious part. kind of just stopped and stared at it grinning for some number of minutes. i was like, eh, what are those holes, i dunno, shrug. then after looking at other stuff for a bit i saw it and almost fell down weeping. i get a little emotional thinking about it now. for some reason it was beaten for a prize by some interactive heart monitor (yawn) ipad app. this is not it but kinda similar. i suppose that's an earlier version. spoiler, i guess. go see the new media art award exhibition at goma.

i made a palindrome (?)

this came to me after (some beers and) seeing my star wars kinect t-shirt in the bathroom mirror...

leave first under rat starred nuts. rife veal.

you might question the semantic validity. i might respond by saying yo, jam it, i'm a joy.