Wednesday, December 29, 2010

amazon to let you secretly return a gift before you even get it

"dupe Aunt Mildred by thanking her for that jumper, when in fact you've trousered the cash"

(i just liked the word "trousered")

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

how to be assertive

(i'm at jb hifi and i'm getting the speech about how i need a $190 hdmi cable. sales guy is tall, charismatic and smooth-talking, and apparently some kind of sales savant).

sg: so what we normally do is give you an upgraded hdmi cable so that the full hd works with the 3d and the ps3

me: look, i've got a few hdmi cables at home, i think i'll be fine thanks

sg: let me tell you, i used to be the same way. then i got my new tv and i needed to upgrade all my cables. seriously, if you don't get one you can't play the 3d with the dual 1080p signals. you need one because the tv is the highest quality so you have to get the good cables

me: a digital signal doesn't really lose quality that way. so i don't think that's likely. thanks anyway.

sg: look at this eye diagram showing the signal degradation. this cable has silver oxide nano-ferrites. the connectors are plated with bio-unobtanium. this means you will get the best quality signal with this cable.

me: [reads back of box for a while]. um, look, thanks, i'll probably just, um... give it a try with one of my cables and then just...


me: um... i... think...

sg: these are not the droids... I mean, this is the cable you need to buy

me: ok, i guess i'll take this one

sg: alright, i'll ring it up

me: cool, thanks

So, the story has a happy ending though. A day later when the effects wore off I returned it for store credit. It required some very careful sticky taping of the impenetrable plastic packaging, you know the kind. (Store credit at jb hifi is almost as good as cash to me at this time of year).

Monday, December 20, 2010

sweet, my new tv runs linux

(it's a samsung. wonder if they are above board gpl-wise)

fat beagle

update: correction: basset hound

this has brightened my day: billy bragg doing a joanna newsom song

He gets the chords mostly right :)

There's a whole album of Joanna covers. I don't know how good it could be though. A lot of her music requires a considerable level of technical ability.

For example, I tried listening to M. Ward's Sadie. It's butchered. I can't bear it.

Listen here:

Buy here (supports OxFam):

Friday, December 17, 2010

boyfriend fail: an sms conversation #eastenders

gf: Quick quiz. Who is my fab east enders character of all time?

me: hmm

me: Dot?

me: :)

gf: Nope! Fail! It's over!!!

me: Wait. Decongest try

me: Second try [ed: damn you autocorrect]

me: Phil?

me: No wait.. I know..

gf: So sad... I can't believe YOU don't know. :(

me: For hotness, Sean?

me: ???

me: Otherwise I give up... Who?

gf: Nope... But I did say all time... Oh well I bragged that you would know. :( bit wrong I guess... X s

me: Mine: Zoe

me: Kat?

me: Oh I got it... Alfie :)
gf: Finally! [Simultaneously, meaning Kat...]

me: I dunno u had a few faves...

me: U sure it's not dot or alfie? :)

gf: Hmmmmm

me: lol

me: xx

gf: Xxxxxxx

gateway bridge detail

it has blue lights on it. (maybe you couldn't see that before)

it's on!

hmm, they have more colours than I do...

challenge accepted!

bicentenario carril bici mejorar

(okay, i should get back to work now...)

go look at this:
(if you didn't already see my excited tweets about word lens)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

i don't love jesus but i do love this

The Middle East - Jesus Came To My Birthday Party


like like like like?

if you like this post about me liking this like like, might it be a like like like like?

internet, have we gone too far?

proposed standard for describing the size of hail stones

(feeling deja vu-ish, did i already post this once before? in that case, revised standard...)

0-10mm : It's just normal hail, call it just hail, duh
10mm - 20mm : Grape sized hail
20mm - 40mm : Golf ball sized hail
40mm - 60mm : Tennis ball sized hail
50mm - 70mm : Cricket ball sized hail (cricket balls are hard so this probably my favourite)
60mm - 100mm : Grapefruit? Softball?
100mm - 150mm : Rock melon
150mm - 250mm : Soccer ball
200mm+ Watermelon (watermelon's come in a range of sizes so this is a good one)
300mm+ Beach ball

look here to see some scary hail hitting brisbane yesterday (

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

i may be wrong but...

what itunes used to say: "you have already purchased this. would you like to download it again?"

what itunes now says: "you have already purchased this. would you like to buy it again?"

it will then go ahead and bill you for the album a second time. and presumably a third and fourth time. nice one stevesie.

it happened to me - long story. i did get a refund though by simply asking for one.

(tangentially related) imma let you finish but, beach house: pretty enough but kind of boring? i can vouch for 4, 6, 7 and 11 though

(unrelated) kate nash and amanda palmer are coming to brisbane. $50. should i see one, the other or both or neither?

way to be original gateway bridge

try getting your own christmas style next year hey :P

just kidding, gateway bridge, you're awesome.

relevant to my interests..

a new bus stop on coro drive. might save me a bit of time in the afternoon

(oops) risking usher wrath, hdr

so the hdr on iPhone 4 is pretty amazing, am I right? (compare this
photo to the last one)

(risking usher wrath...)

orchestra pit

these guys were fantastic. they played music by some russian dude
named "tchaikovsky". i have a feeling he might make it big some day.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Monday, December 13, 2010

"Thanks for the weekend rainbow"

Anyway, was intense.
Full of vitality at the show, I could only smile or cry or dance or 聴Ki入Ru.
Can anyone ignore such a performance I am sure I think not.
Keep an eye about it, I just want to say
Close your eyes and some unexpected moment, the only sounds at once, all flowing into the sound coming
Whole body feels like to have something like that by the storm or waves or sound like iridescent bubbles.
Live was definitely great. I feel happy now.
I went yesterday, yesterday I felt a little too quiet audience.
It's a passionate live the way she would if I should be a little more excited.
I like that, did not even come out with a cold sore throat voice.
Voice desperately cried yesterday come out. Anyway, the band members jonsi, happy birth to their performance
To convey that out, to tell that a lot of fun, punching hand.

I felt good from the audience that they had better aura today than yesterday.
About yesterday, and did not hurt my throat. Yesterday happily than any other people, raise their hands and 叩
Jonsi or to have a name or call, I had fun with that response right.
jonsi I felt that we enjoy even more than yesterday. I now feel happy to see it again.
I thought I still live, including the audience.
Anyway, happy and fun.
jonsi band and also, as there are a lot of happiness. Thanks for the weekend rainbow.