Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Kristeen Young (live)

Kristeen Young. I thought she was really good supporting Morrissey. Some jerk-off in the audience was giving her a hard time, yelling things out between songs and generally being a dick. This somehow to seemed to increase her potency though, as though the tiny hint of vulnerability made the venom in her songs and voice more apparent or more focussed. The crowd was won over and might have volunteered to teach Mr Jerk-Off some manners given the slightest prompting. Anyway, her voice has immense power and her songs are good. I'd like to see her again. (Look her up on the tubes or at kristeenyoung.com).

A chat with Jonsi & Nico Muhly (2010)

...on arranging "Go", the Sam Amidon connection, being gay, classical music vs rock music, etc, etc

Thursday, January 3, 2013


Update: chargerman does not work. i renamed him to cableholderman. :(