Thursday, March 29, 2012

did i mention this?

A dad joke I will never tire of

Suppose you are watching a movie or tv show and there is a baby or toddler who is crying or conveying some other emotion. Say "that kid can act!". I find this never fails to be funny. It also works with animals. Imagine a farmer grabbing a chicken by the legs or a fox running from hounds. Say "that chicken (or fox) can really act!". You can riff on that for further amusement, eg "So convincing", "Probably the stand-out performance of the show so far", "He was snubbed by the nominations committee", "Criminal!", etc. Deadpan is what you are aiming for. (Try out my joke for yourself the next time the opportunity presents itself, and let me know how it goes. Post a comment here. :)


... ... ...ation

bromeliad reproduction

they produce a mini-me, possibly a clone, called a "pup". once it gets big enough you can break it off and plant it somewhere else.

Did you know?
A pineapple is a bromeliad.

hen's cocktail setup

new brommies

(i won them at the fundraiser)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

royal flush!

wikipedia says this is a 30,939:1 chance. never seen it before. probably never see it again. the jack was the river, so kings and tens were ahead.. amazing.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

a short list of my all-time favourite gigs

as a slightly inebriated, thursday night housework procrastination exercise, here is a list of my all-time favourite* gigs. in no particular order. (give me a break, seriously)

the list:
  • joanna newsom, spiegeltent, sydney, 27 jan, 2007
  • sigur ros, enmore, sydney, 12 apr, 2006
  • jonsi, studio coast, toyko, 4 dec, 2010
  • leonard cohen, b.e.c., brisbane, 3 feb, 2009
  • sufjan stevens, tivoli, brisbane, 30 jan, 2011
  • bon iver, tivoli, brisbane, 17 mar, 2012

honourable mentions:
  • fleet foxes, tivoli, brisbane, 11 jan, 2012
  • radiohead, s.e.c, sydney, 24 april 2004
  • joanna newsom, sydney opera house, sydney, 18 jan, 2010
  • roger waters, b.e.c., brisbane, 4 feb, 2012
  • pixies, b.c.c., brisbane, 18 mar, 2012
  • leonard cohen, b.e.c, brisbane, 6 nov, 2010
  • vampire weekend, tivoli, brisbane, 11 may, 2010
  • jane's addiction, big day out, auckland, 17 jan, 2003

my intention is to write a little about each of these in future blog posts. don't hold your breath.

* that i can think of at the moment


Thursday, March 15, 2012