Sunday, August 14, 2011

74 levels - 234 meters


1. Fixed out of date figures on Infinity.
2. 111+222 (90 levels, 297 meters) will dwarf them both, but it's not fully approved yet. (Thanks DE).

Here's a picture of 111+222:

motorcycle maintenance a boss

from left to right: my good pliers, knee, improvised circlip tool fashioned from a hair pin, little pointy nosed pliers used in conjunction with the above, circlip assortment (imperial sizes - bike is metric of course, $6.99, supercheap auto, wilston), useless circlip pliers (their points are too big to fit the holes, $12.99, supercheap). not shown, iphone4 with itorch app used as workshop light.

installed circlip

This is how it looks on a much cleaner bike...

so the gear lever fell off on alice street. i went to change into second and my foot hit nothing but air. that was quite a surprise! luckily it wasn't hard to pull off the road onto the footpath near the top entrance to QUT and the botanic gardens where i could slip the lever back on. i rode home carefully, making sure it didn't slide off again. it might have been a little trickier if i'd gone another 50m. i would have been on the riverside motorway, unable to change gears, and with nowhere to pull over, at least until the other side of the river.

soleil from windsor

soleil from bus (blurry)

circlip abundance

circlip shortage

Saturday, August 13, 2011

sigur rós coincidences!

today S noticed this sticker on the escalator going up to central station

moments later i realised i was wearing this t-shirt

shirt/sticker combined... (it's the cover of takk)


am i being targeted by some kind of philip k dickian, altered reality, mind manipulation promo for INNI?

this mysterious promo video came out YESTERDAY.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

barely worth mentioning except...

it's the first run home from my new job. this is 1.98 km.

Re: Life Without Buldings - Sorrow

and then this comes on shuffle...

your phone calls, don't think they're wearing me out, they're not
but i'm mostly english, mostly english
difficult people slip away
feeling that way about difficult people
feeling that way about difficult people
slip away, slip away
you're beautiful but you're gonna slip away, like that
you're beautiful
hearing you through the door, fast
slip away
you're beautiful but you're gonna slip away like that
feeling that way about difficult people

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

b2b prep

pace: 6.5 min km
target: 6 min per km
time remaining: 5 weeks

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


origin energy: "door-to-door salespeople are bad, mm'kay...?
(especially if they offer you a better deal on electricity)"