Sunday, May 26, 2013

2160P quad HD TV

now looking at a 1080P screen is akin to rubbing sand in my eyes :S

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I watched a Blur documentary on iView. Some notes:
  • Graham is moody bastard and super whiny.
  • Alex was/is very good looking.
  • Beetlebum[1] is one of my favourite songs. The chord changes between the verse and chorus in that song are perfection.
  • It's about heroin (supporting the hypothesis that most good songs are about heroin[2]).
  • During the height of the Blur v Oasis hype, someone (possibly Damon) moved the release date of Country House to coincide with Oasis's release of Roll With It, which it then beat to number one.
  • According to Damon everyone hated him after that. Whenever he entered a shop there would be muffled giggling and then an Oasis song would start.
  • Alex wrote a book about the band where he said he considered Graham his best friend. Graham read the book and was like "what, really??".
  • Graham generally thought Damon was a soul-less and career minded and was surprised by the emotion expressed in the songs about his difficult breakup with Justine from Elastica.
  • When they reformed and played Glastonbury the crowd singing along to Tender was pretty awesome[3].


[2] See also (The Las)

[3] (especially at the end)

Monday, May 6, 2013

"may day stays in ... may"

(to the tune of "I don't know but I've been told")

campbell newman go away
(campbell newman go away)

'cause may day stays in bloody may
(may day stays in bloody may)

campbell newman is a git
(campbell newman is a git)

take our jobs and sell our shit
(take our jobs and sell our shit)

no matter what uncle tony say
(no matter what uncle tony say)

may day stays in bloody may
(may day stays in bloody may)