Tuesday, March 29, 2011

update on the 2011 cbr 600f situation

according to a forum poster, who heard it from honda australia, it
won't be coming here. it's manufactured in europe and the high AUD$
means it won't be profitable for honda to sell it in australia. :(
but... there is top quality content farm content stating otherwise so
let's just see what happens, okay? #optimism #contentfarmssuck

Friday, March 18, 2011

iPhone Bridge Basher Ramp - Completed - Cost $172

(not my video)

dom in om in om bee ba doo ba da

dom in om in om bee ba doo ba da [extra delay remix] - wip

vocals by min, age 7

this is a few weeks old actually, but i am inspired by rebecca black to post it.

disclaimer: not very good, unfinished, garageband tomfoolery, i don't expect you to actually listen to this :)

dis-disclaimer: it is awesome

the bob dylan version of the rebecca black song

i feel disoriented. but i like it. i think. but why? do i like it ironically? or, do i like it sincerely because of its irony? does the artist intend to reveal the quality of the original song? or is that an unintended side-effect of his parody? how can you reveal something that clearly does not exist? is it just unavoidable association with bob dylan himself? or the arrangement and delivery? is this some final ultimate post-post-something deconstruction of music? then, is rebecca black an important work? i just don't know how i feel about this. beep, boop, fizz. does not compute. help. burr. pop.


possibly the worst song ever made goes viral because it's so bad:

parody (tribute?, mindf**k?) in the style of bob dylan:

(on a side note, calling her the next justin bieber is quite an insult to bieber who is actually pretty good :)

ray told me you can't buy salt in china now

it is sold out everywhere. can you guess why?

(hint: they first sold out of iodine tablets)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

anti-euthanasia proponents should read this

51 hours left to live (Ask Me Anything)

The original poster's comments are prefixed with this: Lucidending.

I suggest you scroll past the bulk of the blah blah and read his responses.

UPDATE: Some are saying this AMA was fake.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

the lonely whale

so this whale is swimming around
calling out to find some whale company
maybe even a whale girlfriend
and the thing is
no other whales can hear him
he sings in a high up whale falsetto
no-one knows why
perhaps he is the last of his species
perhaps he has deformed vocal chords
maybe he's from another planet
no-one knows
is he still out there?
keep swimming, lonely whale
keep singing

Click: "World's Loneliest Whale Sings At The Wrong Frequency"

Basic Instructions Balking Contest

(recycled from my twitter stream, but i think it's worthy...)

"FINE THEN. I'LL OUT BALK YOU, someday soon"


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

indie music is OVER

Martin Solveig & Dragonette - Hello (bonus: sweet tennis video featuring Novak Djokovic)

Lupe Fiasco - The Show Goes On! (bonus: awesome Modest Mouse sample)

Chris Brown - Yeah 3x (bonus: this kid can DANCE. negative: possibly encourages binge drinking)

Flo Rida - Club Can't Handle Me ft. David Guetta (bonus: general awesomeness)

The creator of Box2D, the physics engine used by Angry Birds, asks for a credit at a GDC Q&A session

Hopefully they chipped him some cash too...

Via TechCrunch:

The Q&A went something like this:

  Erin: "Hi Peter, could you tell me which physics engine Angy Birds uses?"
  Peter: "Box2D"
  Erin: "Great. Would you consider giving credit to Box2D in your game?"
  Peter: "Yes, of course"
  Erin: "Thank you! By the way, I am Erin Catto the creator of Box2D"
  Peter: "Great! I would like to talk to you after the session"

So I really tried to ask this in the nicest way possible and Peter was very friendly. Angry Birds is a great game and I have a lot of respect for Rovio.