Monday, November 28, 2011

Thursday, November 24, 2011

there's nothing quite like a new grip

i'm desk-sitting till january

can you guess whose desk? :)

(ps, "yo dawg, heard u like panos", etc)

new world (minecraft 1.0)

1. my first ravine. it's pretty much right under my first base. spectacular view! i am building a viewing platform and some safe walkways in and out.

2. the ravine also has this very rare and wonderful two tone waterfall

3. my first map. (this made me very happy).

not pictured: sheep island (it was so beautiful).

I haven't played a whole lot since 1.6-ish. there are many little subtle wonderful changes i'm noticing. my home currently is a little peaceful valley completely surrounded by mountains. also great: oceans, running, hunger, the new bow. i have no idea what potions and enchanting tables are for. in summary, :D :D :D

also it was my first time using teamspeak, which is pretty cool. i'm still getting the hang of press-to-talk.

ps, here is freman talking about our new world. he seems sad! cheer up freman!

Galaxy S II

i know i already tweeted that, but it's so good.. :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I gave her that book about three years ago...

(Great, great book btw...)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

louis vuitton window surrealism

last week: bird legs and egg shells (not pictured). this week: elephants.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


had a free burger at grill'd because movember. bumped into crofty and chris L from ITR on way to QSO thing. i will tell you about that: so QSO (orchestra) is moving into the new ABC building under construction now behind the wheel at southbank. (they currently live in the old ABC building in west end somewhere). the deal they negotiated was $12 million for a 40 year lease. now the federal government gave them $8m, the state government gave them $2m, corporate sponsors and other benefactors gave $2m, the state government gave another $0.5m. BUT, they need to install state-of-the-art acoustic seats and floors, performance quality lighting, etc, etc. so if you could donate some money they would be grateful. they are aiming for another $1.5m to cover that stuff. first world problem, right? on the other hand, tonight i heard the finale of beethoven's 9th with a full choir. (it's the one you get when you win at peggle...)

yesterday wasn't a great day

spent all day in bed with a fever, sore throat, nasty behind-the-eyes headache and that all over body-ache where it feels like your bones hurt. dreamed non-sensical half-awake anxiety dreams, interrupted only when i woke, either sweating or cold, and stumbled out to down two more panadols and some juice. then, from about eight pm, i couldn't sleep and read high fidelity and played plants vs zombies until three. got up to the part where you're on the roof, (so cool), and the part where he acts like a bit of a dick. (joke, since that's the whole book, pretty much). but anyway it's okay and a nice change from the fantasy stuff i've been taking forever to slog through. pretty much this whole time i'd left the gas burner going, just on low so it's hard to notice when stumbling feverishly around the apartment. it's burned the black off the edge of the little hockey puck thing which is now copper coloured. this morning felt better and went to work.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Couple of songs from Inni (Sigur Rós)

john darnielle (from mountain goats) on amnesiac

he really likes it

(didn't read it all this yet but i might come back to it)

twitter ad looks like a tweet

it's an outrage!

not really. just thought it was interesting. it appeared in my timeline. apart from the "promoted by" it was indistinguishable from a normal tweet. the 'dismiss' link appears on hover. when i clicked it the tweet disappeared.

(the article is lame btw. i had already read it via HN i think).

Sunday, November 6, 2011

this guy has a big trip ahead of him

maybe he already left

eels, man

When conditions are right - usually during a rainy autumn - they set off from Centennial Park and cross into Randwick Racecourse. The eels slither part of the way over land but mostly stick to stormwater drains and other water courses.
They continue south through the densely populated suburb of Kensington, across the Australian Golf Course, into the swampy Eastlakes area and across the Lakes Golf Course.
As the long-finned eels get closer to Botany Bay, their gills begin to change in preparation for saltwater and their eyes enlarge. From the golf course, they travel through swamps alongside Southern Cross Drive before entering Botany Bay at Sydney Airport's third runway.
That journey seems remarkable enough for an eel that may have spent up to 30 years (for the females) in the same sleepy pond, but it is only the prelude to a 2000-kilometre swim to New Caledonia.
The eels breed in extremely deep tropical waters in the Coral Sea, with females laying up to 20 million eggs. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the exhausted adult eels die once they have spawned their offspring.
But then another remarkable thing happens - when the eggs hatch they begin to float south on ocean currents.
They start as small gum leaf-shaped larvae, growing into see-through ''glass eels'' - a stage that protects them from predators in the sea - before becoming juvenile elvers as they reach the east coast of Australia.
Driven by instinct, the eels locate Botany Bay, swim back up through the ponds, across the golf courses, through the drainpipes, across Royal Randwick and then into Centennial Park to start a life in the shadows of the lillies.

the autostitch iPhone app got a nice update

it now has a 'take photos now' mode and options for high res and smoother output. (this should be a better image, though blogger might still be shrinking it a bit, not sure)

i think the rainbow might be related to Anna Bligh's 'civil unions' bill. apparently the deadline for submission of comments was yesterday.