Friday, March 18, 2011

the bob dylan version of the rebecca black song

i feel disoriented. but i like it. i think. but why? do i like it ironically? or, do i like it sincerely because of its irony? does the artist intend to reveal the quality of the original song? or is that an unintended side-effect of his parody? how can you reveal something that clearly does not exist? is it just unavoidable association with bob dylan himself? or the arrangement and delivery? is this some final ultimate post-post-something deconstruction of music? then, is rebecca black an important work? i just don't know how i feel about this. beep, boop, fizz. does not compute. help. burr. pop.


possibly the worst song ever made goes viral because it's so bad:

parody (tribute?, mindf**k?) in the style of bob dylan:

(on a side note, calling her the next justin bieber is quite an insult to bieber who is actually pretty good :)

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